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Flying fish, coconuts, and my brother

Kita McRory
April 12-18, 1996

Friday, April 12
We are going to Miami. We sailed all night and the books fell over. I like night sailing. My mom hurled three times. Dad made Kraft dinner for supper. Wesley and I had to wear harnesses all the time. My mom saw sharks.

Saturday, April 13
We are at Key Biscayne. We found lots of shells at Key Biscayne. I did a cannonball jump off the dinghy. My dad tried to do one but he was too big. We looked for beaches. Hakuna Matata was anchored the whole time. I like it here.

Monday, April 15
We are going to the Bahamas. We watched TV for the whole day when we crossed the Gulf Stream. We saw flying fish. One flew on the boat.

Wednesday, April 17
We are at Cat Cay. My brother is being a pain in the butt to my mom and dad. I did homework in the morning. I know the e and the a together make the "ee" sound. Then I went to the beach and found big conch shells, but my mom didn't let me keep one. The beach had broken glass on it. I found a green piece of glass.

We went to hunt for coconuts tonight. It was a lot of fun. I tried to climb the tree to pick one and touched one. I wiggled it back and forth but it wouldn't come down. Dad cheated and used a boat hook to get them. We picked three and gave one to our friend Nathan. We saw peacocks and one had a big shiny tail. I miss Titusville because we could take a shower as long as we want and we could watch TV. My brother is funny.

Thursday, April 18
We are still at Cat Cay. I climbed a coconut tree all the way to the top. Mom gave Wesley and I a hair cut. Homework took a long time.

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