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Great expectations

Denise and Lindsay McRory
November 13, 1995

While mopping up after our stormy adventure, we sat down and tried to think about what it will be like in three years or so, how this trip will turn out.

Well, we have no crystal ball to help us see how things will finally evolve. But we do have a few clear expectations, a few things we expect to happen, and a few others we expect won't happen:

We don't expect: to spend 40-plus hours a month in a car commuting and shopping.

We don't expect: to worry about school bullies, the odd weird teacher, neighborhood youth groups (gangs), and rebel peer groups.

We don't expect: to hang around places in hurricane season.

We don't expect: to spend a lot of money on things other than basic living expenses and the boat.

We do expect: family and friends will visit wherever we are, throughout the trip.

We do expect: to spend time in places
we like.

We don't expect: to run into pirates

We do expect: to spend a lot of time on the kids' schooling.

We don't expect: things will be easy.

We do expect: to have to deal with harsh weather and adverse conditions. .

We do expect: to get a lot of "normal" office work done.

We do expect: to spend time learning and researching communication systems.

We do expect: to travel home at least once a year, but maybe more, depending on how things are going.

We do expect: to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life.

We do expect: to enjoy this life.

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