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B&G Triton 2 Mast Mount - 3dPrint

Triton2 Mount Triton2 Mount

Print your own Triton2 instrument mast mount.



Files available on GitHub and are shared under creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial Generic. You are free to share and adapt. You must give appropriate credit, and You may not use the material for commercial purposes. See detailed licence info on GitHub.

Time to Win Screenshot 1
Time to Win Screenshot 1 Time to Win Screenshot 1

Time to Win

Time to Win Screenshot 1

Time to Win demystifies handicap-based sailboat racing.


Use Cases:

Who won?
Boat B1 crosses the finish line in 90 minutes, finishing behind a faster rated boat (B2) with a faster rating. Using US Sailing PHRF, B1 rating is 117, and B2 rating is 106. Time to Win results: B1 must finish behind B2 by 1 minute and 29 seconds or less to win. The estimated separation distance at the finish is between 490 and 981 feet.

Changing handicap ratings.
A J80 has a PHRF rating of 117. The foresail is a 150% genoa. If the owner used a 100% class jib the rating is 123. What are the corrected time impacts for a 2-hour race? Time to Win results: On a 2-hour race, there is a 1-minute and 5-second difference. The baseline difference is 32 seconds per hour.

Find it on the appstore for the price of a beer.

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Time to Win Screenshot 1 Time to Win Screenshot 1
Time to Win Screenshot 1 Time to Win Screenshot 1

Time to Mark

Time to Win Screenshot 1

An advanced racing app providing real-time data on race course marks for tactical decision-making.

Time to Mark provides the following information on your iPhone and iWatch.


Time to mark is in testing. If you would like to partipate in testing TTM Contact: lindsay.mcrory@oceanpilot.com

Time to Mark Screenshot 1 Time to Mark Screenshot 2