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Time to Win

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Time to Win demystifies handicap-based sailboat racing.


Use Cases:

Who won?
Boat B1 crosses the finish line in 90 minutes, finishing behind a faster rated boat (B2) with a faster rating. Using US Sailing PHRF, B1 rating is 117, and B2 rating is 106. Time to Win results: B1 must finish behind B2 by 1 minute and 29 seconds or less to win. The estimated separation distance at the finish is between 490 and 981 feet.

Changing handicap ratings.
A J80 has a PHRF rating of 117. The foresail is a 150% genoa. If the owner used a 100% class jib the rating is 123. What are the corrected time impacts for a 2-hour race? Time to Win results: On a 2-hour race, there is a 1-minute and 5-second difference. The baseline difference is 32 seconds per hour.

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Time to Win Screenshot 1 Time to Win Screenshot 1
Time to Win Screenshot 1 Time to Win Screenshot 1

Time to Mark

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An advanced racing app providing real-time data on race course marks for tactical decision-making.

Time to Mark provides the following information on your iPhone and iWatch.


Time to mark is in testing. If you would like to partipate in testing TTM Contact: lindsay.mcrory@oceanpilot.com

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